Why Duke for motors?

There’s nothing we like more than a tough industrial motor problem. AC or DC, industrial workhorse or high-tech servo, we figure out what you need—fast—and get right to work making it happen. Our goals are to increase your reliability and decrease your costs, and we’ll do almost anything to help you get there.

We sell, install, commission, repair, relocate, maintain, engineer, store and manage electric motors.

Looking for a standard product at a great price? A fast repair for a critical motor? A way to manage your motor inventory online? A custom solution for a unique problem? Help identifying your critical equipment? A maintenance program for an obsolete motor? Information on grants to upgrade your motors?

English Electric compressor motor part in Duke Electric shop for repair
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We like to say “if it makes you puke, call Duke.”

We enjoy getting dirty in some of the toughest environments out there—think steel mills, aggregate plants and wastewater treatment facilities—but we clean up real nice if you’re in food and beverage, light manufacturing or healthcare. From tugboats to theme parks, if you’ve got a motor problem, we can fix it for you.

Why Duke for
industrial electric motors?

  • Expertise in legacy and obsolete equipment
  • Repairs to AC and DC motors up to 1000 HP
  • GE Flagship Distributor and WEG Master Distributor
  • Great supplier relationships
  • Excellent prices
  • Fast reverse engineering and custom fabrication
  • Extra-fast delivery of special orders
  • Can-do attitude
  • Solid customer support
  • Advice to save money and increase reliability
  • Free shipping from our online store
  • Hazardous location certified
  • CSA certified
  • EASA member
  • Almost a century in the business

Repair or Replace? Our free online motor failure decision tool is easy to use and EASA-approved.
Try the tool to help figure out your next move.

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If it makes you puke, call Duke.

If it makes you puke, call Duke.

Certified for safety


Certified for safety


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