Fix and upgrade

Whether you need help with a pooched mill motor, finicky VFD or parts for a busted DC brake, you’ll love our 24/7 emergency service, authorized OEM repair, parts sourcing smarts and mad custom fabrication skills. And when it comes time to upgrade or modernize, we’ll help with that too. Onsite or in-shop, we’ll service the hell out of you.


Predict and prevent

When failure’s not an option, Duke’s predictive and preventive maintenance programs help you maximize uptime and productivity and minimize your workload. To enhance your motor maintenance, we also offer a comprehensive online asset management tool, storage of your critical spares and training for your team.


New, refurbished and custom

We partner with the world’s best manufacturers to get you the best prices on the highest quality motors, brakes and parts. We’re one of six GE Executive Distributors in Canada. We can build custom motors for special applications. And we’re famous for finding obscure brakes for legacy motors.


It’s the tough stuff that makes us hungry to come to work every day.

Whether we come onsite to your facility or use our shop, Duke can inspect, test, repair, service, relocate, rewind, rebuild, reline, commission, maintain, modernize and extend the life of your AC and DC motors and brakes. We can tackle legacy and obsolete DC equipment, industrial-sized pumps, explosion-proof motors, transformers, HVAC systems and high tech industrial automation.

Motor failure?

Find out if you should repair or replace.

We're proud of our partnerships

Not only are we a WEG Recognized Regional Master Distributor and Approved Warranty Centre, we're also CSA Certified for WEG Explosion Proof repairs.

As one of only six Executive Flagship Distributors and Authorized Repair Depots in Canada, it's safe to say we know our way around a GE motor.



“We live and die by our customer’s experience. By taking something and leaving it better than we found it. That’s how we measure our success.”

- Jon Raab, Duke owner, motor wrangler, brake master

Emergency? Call Now!

If it makes you puke, call Duke.

If it makes you puke, call Duke.

Certified for safety


Certified for safety


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