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Working at Duke, you can expect to eat motor grease for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just kidding, well, sort of. There's definitely dirt under our fingernails, but we consider what we do an art. Whether we're working with our hands, tools, or new technology, we approach each job with skill, patience, curiosity, and passion. 

If you're willing to rise to the challenge, love working in a collaborative environment

and don't mind hearing the f-bomb dropped then we have a job for you. 

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We're a family business, in its third generation, so we treat each other that way.

We're a family business, in its third generation, so we treat each other that way.

  • Quality

    We are committed to quality workmanship and service.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about what we do.

  • Continuous Learning

    We prioritize continuous learning and training, and we are better for it.

  • Integrity

    We're straight as arrows, which builds and fosters trust in a team environment.


Why you'll love working here

Our culture is laid-back, as you might have guessed. You can shoot the sh*t with your coworkers, take a smoke break (though we're not condoning it!), or take a personal day if you need it.

We've got your back as long as you have ours.

Health & Dental

We ensure that all employees have access to health services and insurance benefits that are right for you and your family.

Competitive Salary

We've done market research on our competitors, and we offer higher salaries and more generous benefits because we care about your job satisfaction.

Learning & Development

We provide training and knowledge-sharing opportunities for our employees, which builds specialized knowledge and skills in a service that's always in demand.

Team Environment

Our workplace is relaxed, and we have each other's backs. You'll work in a respectful and supportive environment.

Complementary Uniform & Safety Gear

No, we won't make you pay for your uniform or safety gear. You're all set!

Making a Difference

You'll get satisfaction from doing work that matters, keeping plants and factories running, making the world go 'round. We also donate money from scrap to McMaster Children's Hospital - so that feels good too!

An endless amount of career opportunities await you in the electro-mechanical repair industry

Electric motors and associated equipment play a crucial role in every aspect of modern living. Explore the video to discover the numerous opportunities they offer!

Current job postings

Electromechanical Industrial Brake mechanic


Electric Motor Shop machinist


Electric Motor Technician/Winder


Industrial Brake Technical Service Coordinator


Account manager


Don't see a job posting that fits?

Emergency? Call Now!

If it makes you puke, call Duke.

If it makes you puke, call Duke.

Certified for safety


Certified for safety


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