Be ready to rock, 24/7

When you store your critical motors and equipment with Duke, they'll work when you need them to. Prevent downtime, gain extra space at your plant, and have peace of mind. 

Trust Duke to meet your needs

At Duke, we have plenty of space to store and service your spare critical assets. From process machinery to electric motors and brakes to industrial equipment, we're your insurance policy against future downtime in the event of a catastrophe.

Duke’s critical asset storage program provides the gold standard of TLC for your spares.


We store your critical equipment securely in our clean and climate-controlled facilities


We inspect your critical equipment monthly to maintain optimal performance, with added measures as per the length of storage time.


Our team will swap out your critical equipment swiftly and efficiently, so you don't have to worry about downtime.


What's your downtime plan?

Let's say a critical piece of equipment goes down at your plant. Every second of downtime is money left on the table. What happens next? Do you have a critical equipment action plan?

Did you know improper storage of your spare critical equipment and process machinery will seriously reduce reliability? Don't take any chances. If you don't have a proper storage program for your critical infrastructure, you're setting yourself up for catastrophe.

Don't get caught with your pants down

DIY Download and start using this free critical equipment tracker

Do it for me Book your critical equipment assessment

Duke is your contingency plan

Let's start the conversation and get your critical equipment stored and serviced so you can get peace of mind.

Emergency? Call Now!

If it makes you puke, call Duke.

If it makes you puke, call Duke.

Certified for safety


Certified for safety


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