Lafert Metric Motors

Established in 1962, Lafert is a leading European motor company that has built a solid reputation for their electric motors, gearboxes and drives. Certified and approved internationally, their products are used for applications such as industrial machineries, hvac, material handling, lifting, air technology and renewable energy.

Some of the Lafert products we support...

Electric Motors

Duke Electric carries and supports a variety of high performance motors manufactured by Lafert Metric Motors. The HP series was specifically designed with energy saving in mind and are well suited for renewable energy applications. The HPS/HPI series combines technologies of both AC induction motors and AC brushless servomotors, resulting in a cost saving and reliable product line in accordance with IE4* Super Premium efficiency. Common applications include conveyors, pumps, air compressors, cooling compressors, fans and more.

lafert electric motors


Duke Electric carries and supports a variety of Lafert pumps such as the immersion pump (SPV/IMM), the self priming pump (AU) and the side mounted type (SQ). These low-cost replacement pumps are ideal for tool cutting machines, glass grinding tools, printing equipment and industrial applications.

lafert pumps


Duke Electric carries and supports the battery powered drives and servo drives from Lafert. These drives offer high performance and cost saving operation for industrial automation and battery-powered applications such machineries and material handling.

lafert drives

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