Founded in 1984, Magnetek is an American company that manufactures digital power and motion control systems for applications such as material handling, mobile hydraulic, mining and elevators.

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Some of the Magnetek products we support...


Duke Electric supports and distributes the OmniPulse™ DDC digital DC drive manufactured by Magnetek.

Designed for series, shunt or compound wound motors used with DC operated cranes or hoists, the OmniPulse™ DDC digital DC drive features semi-conductor technology that will help improve performance, reliability and safety in your facility while minimizing downtime, energy costs and maintenance.

OmniPulse™ DDC Digital DC Drive

Inverter Duty Motors

Duke Electric carries and supports the Black Max® and Blue Max® inverter duty motors manufactured by Magnetek.

Designed for crane applications, the Black Max® motor is capable of a 1000:1 speed range and features an accessory “C” face and a “C” face drive end. A variety of options are available for this motor, including encoders and brakes.

Capable of a 1500:1 speed range, the Blue Max® motor was designed for use in CMAA Class A through F applications where precise motion control is needed. For applications requiring more horsepower, the Blue Max® 5000 series frame offers up to 1000 HP.

magnetek inverter duty motors

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