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Eliminating Downtime of Your Electric Motor

Downtime is the enemy of any maintenance manager. And downtime of your electric motor costs money. Did you know that almost every plant loses between 5 and 20% of productivity due to downtime?


Induction Motors: What Are They, How Do They Work, and How Are They Used?

Induction motors sound complicated, like something that powers a massive piece of machinery. In fact, induction motors are ubiquitous in daily life processes. You can find them in air conditioners, refrigerators, automobiles, air compressors and more. But what are they, and how do they work? Put your thinking cap on; a little explanation is required.

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How to send electric motors to a repair shop: Insider tips

These insider tips will make sure that when you send electric motors in for repair, they don’t incur any additional damage in transit.


Bad electric motor repair shops: 6 signs it’s time to break up

Are your electric motors in the right hands? Use these 6 signs to tell if you’re using a bad electric motor repair shop and help you choose a good one.


Troubleshooting a 3-phase stator winding failure [With examples]

Use the examples and explanations to troubleshoot a 3-phase stator failure at your plant. Thanks to EASA, this post has some great photos!

Pile of rusty ball bearings

Why bearings fail and what to do about it

Get the low-down on bearing failure and a handy checklist to help you identify what’s up with yours, including signs to look for and proven fixes.


Motor failure FAQs

What causes motor failure? How do you test motor windings? How long do electric motors last? Get the answers to these Qs and more in six sentence or less!

failed industrial electric motor sitting on asphalt

6 questions to ask when an electric motor goes down

Deciding whether to repair or replace a failed electric motor can be a tough one. We’ve put together these 6 questions to make the choice a bit easier.

Putting lithium grease into wheel bearing for ten wheel track by

Why you should grease your motors

It’s a simple question, with a pretty simple answer. If you don’t grease your motors things will go very, very bad. Find out more in this blog.

Supervisor checking preventive maintenance work list

4 KPIs for your preventive maintenance strategy

How can you tell if your preventive maintenance strategy is successful? Learn more about the 4 KPIs that can tell you what’s going right.

Maintenance Engineering on construction site

What is a reactive maintenance strategy?

Reactive maintenance is the kind of “strategy” you use when you want more headaches, higher repair costs, and emergency plant shutdowns.

illustration of a wave pattern from an oscilloscope with a stop hand forming the middle of the wave line

7 ways you can screw up vibration analysis

The best tool in the wrong hands is no tool at all. Find out how you (or your contractor) should be doing vibration analysis and 6 mistakes to avoid.

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