We’ll manage your motors online in real time.

If you’re a maintenance manager, engineer or MRO, your life’s about to get easier.

Duke Electric’s online inventory system is the perfect solution for companies with complex motor management needs or critical assets. If you’ve ever struggled with knowing where an asset is, when it was last serviced, what maintenance was performed and whether it’s critical or not—relax. You’re about to get all your answers, anywhere you can get online.

  • Track maintenance schedules

  • Quickly locate motors

  • Identify asset status

  • Document detailed asset information

  • Prioritize assets

Get a free demo of our online asset management system

We’ll visit your plant and show you exactly how our online system works. First, we’ll tag and scan a few of your motors, then we'll walk you through the software, including ways we can customize the application to meet your needs. See how you can manage your motor inventory in real time…in no time!

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