Duke Electric Asset Management We’ll manage your motors online in real time.

Simplify your life and improve your plant’s productivity with our online electrical asset management platform. If you don’t already have an online database, Duke’s platform can be your one and only. If you already have an inventory management tool but don’t feel confident in the information it contains, our platform becomes a secondary system you can trust. We custom develop your platform by putting hands on every one of your assets. Once the system is complete, you can log in to your database from anywhere to find a motor’s location, its critical specs, part numbers, service history, purchase orders and more—all in real time. Scan our almost indestructible mylar barcodes to update your system or enter information manually.

Why use D.E.A.M.?

  • Improve plant’s productivity

  • Reduce or avoid downtime although

  • Available online 24/7

Manage assets

  • Identify asset status

  • Prioritize assets

  • Track maintenance schedules

  • Service History

  • Purchase Orders

Locate information

  • Motors location

  • Specs

  • Part Numbers

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First, we’ll tag and scan a few of your motors, then we'll walk you through the software, including options for customization.

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If it makes you puke, call Duke.

If it makes you puke, call Duke.

Certified for safety


Certified for safety


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