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TECO-Westinghouse Motors has been a leading manufacturer of electric motors and controls for over 100 years. Known for their reliability, the TECO-Westinghouse motors and controls are used to drive pumps, crushers, compressors, rolling mills, fans, grinders, and a variety of other industrial applications.

Some of the TECO-Westinghouse products we support...

Electric Motors

Known for their reliability and performance, the TECO-Westinghouse motors are offered in a variety of models.

The low voltage motors range from 1/4HP to 1000HP while the medium/high voltage motors range from 100HP to over 50,000HP. They are both available in a variety of enclosures.

Ideally suited for applications such as rolling mills, mine hoists, banbury mixers, ship propulsion, extruders and fan drives, the DC motors provides high torque and variable speeds. It is available in sizes ranging from 12-inch to 12-foot armature diameters and 250HP to over 35,000HP.

Designed for applications such as rolling, ball and sag mills, compressors, pulp refiners, mixers, pumps, fans and chippers, the synchronous motors and generators provide 450HP to 100,000HP and are highly efficient, dependable, low maintenance and cost-effective. Speed regulation and soft starting can be achieved with an optional adjustable frequency drive.

Highly versatile, the wound rotor motors feature a rugged design and provide the unique ability to gradually bring up to speed high-inertia equipment and large loads smoothly and easily. They are suited for applications such as ball and sag mills, cranes, hoists, conveyors, fans, blowers, pumps, chippers and banbury mixers.

teco-westinghouse electric motors


Duke Electric is your go-to place for the installation and repair of TECO-Westinghouse control devices such as low/medium voltage drives, soft starters, custom panels, reactors and filters.

teco-westinghouse controls

Gear Reducers

Duke Electric is your go to place for the installation and repair of worm, helical and shaft mounted gear reducers manufactured by TECO-Westinghouse.

teco-westinghouse gear reducers

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