Leeson Canada

Leeson is a North American manufacturer of electric motors, gear reducers and gearmotors for use in industrial and commercial applications.

Leeson motors include AC/ DC designs in sub-fractional through hundreds of horsepower sizes for general purpose use and specific-duty applications. All popular enclosures and configurations are available, along with some not-so-easy-to-find items.

Some of the Leeson products we support...


Duke Electric carries and supports the Speedmaster® Micro Series compact inverters from Leeson Canada. These adjustable speed drives are designed to adapt three phase motors to adjustable speed operation. Built for reliability and performance, these drives feature a rugged steel enclosure, built-in thermal protection and heavy duty wiring terminals.

leeson drives

Electric Motors

Duke Electric carries a variety of AC and DC electric motors that have been manufactured by Leeson Canada for use with pumps, fans, blowers, pressure washers, production lines and more. With the Leeson product line, you get quality, performance and value without compromise.

leeson electric motors


Duke Electric provides expertise in the supply and maintenance of gearmotors manufactured by Leeson Canada. Known for their solid built and performance in harsh industrial environments, these gearmotors come in sub-fractional 1/150 hp parallel shaft to right angle 100 hp.


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