We can help you prevent a catastrophic motor failure in your plant.

A critical motor assessment is your first step to increasing motor life, improving quality, increasing up-time, conserving energy, improving safety and, yes, avoiding catastrophe. 

If your plant is in Ontario, we're here to help you:

  • ID your critical equipment

    We'll help you identify your critical motor assets. What equipment is important to critical plant or production processes? Where are the dependencies in the system? What equipment is critical to safety?

  • Assess its current condition

    Where are your critical motors located? How are they being used? Are they operating within design specs? What are their service histories like? What problems might be hours, days or weeks away?

  • Figure out a maintenance schedule

    What in-line and dynamic testing should you be doing? How often? By whom? What's the best way to document it?

  • Assess your critical spares

    Where are they for? Where are they stored? What's a reasonable maintenance schedule for them?

You've got the knowledge about your plant and processes. We've got the knowledge about industrial motors, particularly older and legacy DC workhorses. Working together, we'll rock your plant's reliability record.

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If your plant is close to Hamilton, we'll probably do your motor assessment during a site visit. If you're located further than two hours from us, we'll start with a phone or video call and go from there. We'll discuss the scope of the assessment prior to getting started.

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