You deserve a brake today

Stop wasting valuable time waiting for your existing brakes and parts to be repaired with Duke’s brake exchange program—the fastest way to get your brake back in business. Just send us your brake or component and we'll send you back a new or refurbished one quick as a wink. We’ll also discount your invoice or credit your account the value of the part or unit you’re exchanging. 

For when you need it yesterday

We welcome weird and one-of-a-kind exchange requests. Most of the time we'll have the unit or component in our inventory. If we don't, we know exactly where to go to find it for you.

Brake shoes

If you can't wait for your brake shoes to be relined, send 'em to us and we'll send you new or refurbished shoes right away. 

Brake parts

We exchange more than shoes. In fact, we’ve got one of the largest inventories of brake parts in North America. We can also custom fabricate hard-to-find parts to your specs.

Brake units

We have full units ready to go for 8 different manufacturers in popular sizes. We’re also experts in mixing ‘n’ matching parts to make a clone when you can’t wait for a new brake (or it’s a legacy unit so new isn’t an option). 

Industrial brake on the floor of a motor repair shop

To get the swap started, fill out the form.

“We've got brakes and parts on standby so our turnaround is a day, not weeks.”


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If it makes you puke, call Duke.

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