Bionic brakes: better, stronger, faster

Our decades of experience, mammoth parts inventory, great supplier relationships, fabrication smarts and can-do attitude make us the go-to for mill duty and crane brake repairs. We reline, rebuild, refurbish and rewind industrial brakes, priding ourselves on repairing brakes so they not only look like new but work like it, too.

Brake relining

Do “friction services” sound uncomfortable to you? Not to us. Duke Electric’s friction services include relining industrial brake shoes, brake pads, brake bands and crane shoes. When it comes to linings, we replace to OEM spec unless you tell us you need something different. Relining is the most common brake maintenance task, and getting it done right can save you money and headaches.

industrial brake relining

Our parts inventory makes us fast. Our custom fabrication means we can make almost anything work.

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Brake coil rewinding

Maximize the performance of your industrial brake with our rewinding services. We’re able to manufacture replacement coils quickly and cost effectively to original specs, which is particularly handy for old and obsolete brakes.


As wizards of the weird and wonderful, we love to get our hands on a brake repair or rebuild that requires a little magic. Our partnerships with the biggest names in industrial brakes mean we can often quickly design a solution with the OEM, even for obsolete and legacy brakes. No OEM? No problem. That's when we rely on our own experience to make a custom part.

Brake rebuilding

We use OEM, OEM-improved, and custom manufactured parts to take your brakes from bad to badass, no matter the brand. Whether we’re rebuilding a single component or undertaking a complete refurbishment, we disassemble and inspect the brake and advise you of all parts that need to be replaced and any custom work we anticipate doing. If you say "go," we reset the brake to OEM standards, then make sure it's cleaned, lubed and ready to rock. We’ll even coach you on how to properly maintain your brake.

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