We manufacture unicorns.

We custom machine and fabricate electric motors, fast. Whether you need to replace an obsolete motor or reverse engineer a part, no one does it quicker or better than Duke.



Can we build it? Yes we can.

Sometimes what you need isn't available off the shelf, and to order it from the OEM means waiting months—if you can get it at all. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with specialty vendors and our application-specific know-how, we can build a custom motor up to 200 HP and 449 T-frame size in two weeks for a typical build. (You’re looking at 8 to 16 weeks anywhere else.) We can also tackle special projects, like the CSA-approved custom ROT motor we made in partnership with WEG, or the custom blower motor we made to protect a client's mill motor. If you want the best without the wait, Duke is at your service.


We turn back the clock.

When we receive a motor that's no longer manufactured and has no supporting documentation, we put on our gloves and get right to work—because, chances are, it's a critical piece of equipment and there's no time to waste. Whether it's a single part or an entire unit, we love reverse engineering. It's our chance to put creativity, craftsmanship and cajones together to make customers happy—and the guys go at it two shifts a day until it's done.

Compressor motor in Duke Electric shop for repair

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