30-inch industrial brake refurbishment April 18, 2019



This Westinghouse brake was brought in by a steel client who needed a replacement right away. We had an already-refurbished one in stock. Now we're furbishing this one so it's ready to go out the door for the next client in the market for a 30-inch drum brake.

We get requests for a brake of this size every couple of weeks. We'll quote both a refurbished brake and a brand new one, and let the client decide.

These brakes are used in heavy industry such as mining and steel, often on cranes, to stop a shaft. The coils (which still need to be installed on this brake) are electrically charged, creating an electromagnetic field that draws the parts together to create the braking force. The drum will go in the big, empty 'U'-shaped area of the brake. The shoes still need to be installed, too. Like so much of our weird 'n' wonderful work, it's in progress. 

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