We're playing AC/DC
while we're fixing AC/DC

Whether we come onsite to your facility or use our shop, Duke can inspect, test, repair, service, relocate, rewind, rebuild, commission, maintain, modernize and extend the life of your electro- mechanical assets, both AC and DC. Looking for proof? Read on.

Equipment service & repair

From big iron to high-tech servo, marine generators to water treatment plant pumps, hospital HVAC systems to aggregate kilns, we’ll get your AC and DC equipment running—or tell you what your options are. We’re specialists in hard-to-find parts (including brake parts) and experts in determining what to do when a part isn’t available to ensure there aren’t any consequences down the line, including sourcing a replacement motor or custom fabricating a replacement part. Whether we do the work onsite or in-shop depends on what works best for you and your equipment.

Preventive & predictive maintenance

We combine the latest in technology with years of experience with equipment of all sizes to maximize your uptime and give you the information you need to make planned service, recondition and replacement decisions. Our maintenance services range from gearbox oil analysis and laser alignment to vibration analysis and thermal imaging. We can even create a customized online asset management database for your electrical inventory. Because we know your plant and your equipment inside and out, you can trust us to go about our business without hurting yours.

“I always tell my people that shortcuts are not acceptable. Without the proper salt and pepper, the soup cannot be delicious.”

Fred Zare, master electrician, automation Yoda

Emergency Service

Emergency? We keep an extra set of workboots and a hard hat at home.

No one at Duke truly punches out. Our sales guys have been known to head to the shop in the dead of night to get parts off the shelf and deliver it to our customers. And when there’s a major crisis, it’s all hands on deck. We respond quickly and with the right expertise to emergency calls, regardless of the day of the week or hour of the day. You’ll have someone on the phone in 30 minutes and onsite as soon as we can pull on our workboots.

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Online asset management

Put all your electrical assets in a real-time database.

Simplify your life and improve your plant’s productivity with our online electrical asset management platform. If you don’t already have an online database, Duke’s platform can be your one and only. If you already have an inventory management tool but don’t feel confident in the information it contains, our platform becomes a secondary system you can trust. We custom develop your platform by putting hands on every one of your assets. Once the system is complete, you can log in to your database from anywhere to find a motor’s location, its critical specs, part numbers, service history, purchase orders and more—all in real time. Scan our almost indestructible mylar barcodes to update your system or enter information manually.

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Industrial Automation

We call them our automation ninjas.

When safety, efficiency, productivity and speed are your goals, Duke’s industrial automation team can make all the difference. We can repair or replace any brand of servo motor or drive, implement SCADA and human machine interface (HMI) systems, perform remote checks, program and repair boards, conduct power quality analyses, recommend line modifications, implement measures to comply with safety regulations and troubleshoot nagging and emergency problems. We’re prompt, responsive, darn smart and, like true ninjas, you’ll hardly know we were there. Because we work together as a full team, our automation and motor techs often problem solve together, seeing the full picture to determine the real problem.

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Asset Storage & Maintenance

Your spares, ready when you need them.

If you’re running out of space or your critical spares need some loving care, sign up for Duke’s motor management program. For a low monthly fee, you get clean, dry, secure storage, monthly preventive maintenance, and fast, 24/7 delivery to your facility. We’ll even install the spare if you like. Overall, we’ll save you money. And decrease your headaches.

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Modernization & Upgrades

Sustainability…for the plant and the planet.

We’re a one-stop shop for equipment modernization and upgrade initiatives, including energy audits, performance improvement analyses, government incentive information, retrofits and capacity upgrades. We regularly bring facility enhancement ideas to our customers, saving them money. Once you’ve decided on a plan, we can execute it for you.

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Non-Profit Program

Scrap your crap for charity

We can turn your scrap crap into charity gold! Four times a year, we carefully sort and process discarded and donated motors, brakes, pumps and other scrap metal so we get the most money from recyclers. Then we donate every last cent to McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation and 541 Eatery and Exchange. Scrap your crap with us—we’ll make sure it finds a new life helping others.

McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation  541 Eatery and Exchange

I wanna metal up

Authorized OEM repair

We’re an authorized repair depot for GE motors and have premier partnerships with big names like WEG and Baldor. When they give us preferred pricing and special service, we pass them along to our customers.

Our knowledge is yours

Duke regularly shares our decades of experience through informal plant floor conversations or scheduled in-services and training sessions, helping your facility (and your people) perform the best they can.

Not sure where to start? We do.

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