Repair or replace? February 20, 2019

Compressor motor in Duke Electric shop for repair


This medium voltage 600 HP compressor motor from the early 1970s was made by English Electric out of St. Catharines. It's a massive motor used to power one of two compressors that run an entire mill. 

With so many miles on this old compressor and damage to the insulation and coils, the question becomes: repair or replace?  

English Electric compressor motor part in Duke Electric shop for repair

We would love to put our hands on this for a repair. With 26 individual (and damaged) coils that we'd need to drop, rewind and reinstall, our eye for detail, skill and patience would get a wicked workout. We might also have to custom fabricate any coils that need to be replaced. 

English Electric compressor motor nameplate closeup

But it's a $150K repair, and the customer is wondering whether it's time to replace this motor. So we'll wait to see if a compressor company can source a replacement before getting dirty with it.

English Electric compressor motor coil closeup
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